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Dear Yogi – A Love Letter

Dear yogi—

I was so proud of your for trying your first yoga class. I was there when you went way out of your comfort zone, when you apologized to the teacher for being new. I was there when you looked around the room to see if you were doing the same thing as everyone else, as you adjusted your baggy running clothes. I saw your self-consciousness and your weakened ego.

I saw you before you saw yourself. I watched as you came back for more, determined and a little angry with your body. I listened to the pleas for your legs to stop shaking, for your brow to stop sweating, for your heart to stop pounding. I listened when you stopped breathing. I was there when you remembered to breathe.

I was there for your New Year resolutions. Then I saw you four months later for your recommitment to your resolutions, in a more practical container.

I was there when you got curious about your Self. I saw you allow self-acceptance. I saw you learn to take time before reacting. I saw you build your community. I saw you being seen.

I saw your ego inflate. You found that first moment with just your hands touching me, your feet raised to the sky. I saw your ego deflate just as quickly when you let that ego get the best of you.

I was there for the tough times. I felt your loss. I felt the transition. I took in your tears as they mixed with your sweat. I was so happy that you asked me for help, that you accepted my guidance.

I will always be here for you, no matter what you need. You give me a lot of credit, but I’m merely a tool to help you get where you need to go.

Keep listening. Keep reaching. Keep coming back. I’ll be here.

With all the love,

Sticky Mat

This article was originally published on Gaiam TV.

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