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What is Yoga Therapy?

Many public yoga classes are wonderful for people who feel mostly healthy and athletic. What about the rest of us? Yoga Therapy offers the support of thousands of years of yogic tradition combined with modern understanding of Western medicine. Using these tools in a healing, therapeutic manner can help with many physical, mental and emotional imbalances and help bring you closer to your best version of you.

Yoga therapy may be right for you if you:

  • Have trouble falling/staying asleep
  • Feel tired during the day
  • Feel stressed
  • Want to improve your posture
  • Experience back pain
  • Live with chronic pain
  • Experience digestive issues
  • Are in recovery for substance or alcohol dependency
  • Experience anxiety and/or depression
  • Feel distracted by your physical body
  • Have a strained relationship with your physical body
  • Have experienced a traumatic event
  • Are a combat veteran
  • Feel disconnected from yourself or your community
  • Want to put the work in to make a real difference in your life

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