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About Katrina

katrinaFor the six years I lived in Chicago, I spent most days running up and down the lakefront path for hours, under the guise of being healthy and staying fit. After the 2012 Chicago Marathon, my body felt broken, old and worn out. I got the sense that I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything if I kept going at the rate I was going.

After this race, I trained for one more marathon and then unofficially retired from long distance running. I felt consumed by anxiety and dipped into bouts of depression.

So if running hours every day isn’t healthy for my body, why do other people seem to enjoy it and even thrive from it? And when I stop running, why do I feel so emotionally terrible?

The simple answer: Because every body, mind and heart needs different care and resources.

When I “quit” running, I turned most of my energy back to my yoga practice and studies. Here, I learned to listen to my body rather than force it into someone else’s idea of health. I learned to breathe, appreciate what I was capable of and sit with emotional turmoil rather than be consumed by it.

I also learned the deep, malleable connection between the movements of our bodies and the experience of our emotions and thoughts.

Now I want to offer this to you.

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  • Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, 300-hour
  • Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans
  • Yoga Teacher Training, 200-hour
  • Yoga Nidra Level 1
  • Chronic Pain mentorship with Neil Pearson
  • Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma mentorship
  • Applied Anatomy certification
  • NETA fitness certification
  • Started Yoga for Veterans at the Boulder Veterans Center, 2014
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2012