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Self Care Inquiry

“Sattva is growing in consciousness through self-care and right living.” – Durga

The idea of self-care is very attractive and can be so vague. I frequently hear students and yoga teachers (myself included) with the intentions of self-care, and when I ask what that means to them, it’s usually left as a question mark.

Does self-care mean going to bed at a certain time? If something tastes good, spit it out? Does self-care need to have a specific emotion or task behind it? Read more

Yoga for Ski and Snowboard Season


It’s been snowing on the Front Range and we’re very excited. And very cold. But mostly excited.

With resorts starting to open for the season, we’re tuning up our edges, getting new boots fitted, and winterizing our cars for the trek up to our favorite mountains.

While we prepare for ski and snowboard season in all these ways, we also need to take some time to do a physical tune up as well. One of the best ways to prevent injury, build endurance, and strengthen muscles is through a yoga practice. Here’s why: Read more

On Being Enough

Most of us walk through life with excuses and justifications for the way we are: I’m not smart enough. I’m not as attractive as him. I’m not qualified enough. I’m not good enough.

The same happens when we walk onto our mat: I’m not flexible enough. I’m not strong enough. My balance isn’t good enough.

When we internally or externally voice excuses or justifications for the way we are, we create those truths for ourselves. I’m not flexible enough, so I’m not going to try that posture. Because I didn’t try that posture, I’m going to remain at my current flexibility.

When our brains tell us we’re not enough, we have the opportunity to listen to it or to recognize it and choose to change our thought patterns.

How to remind yourself that you’re enough: Read more