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Therapeutic Yoga

What is yoga therapy?

Many public yoga classes are wonderful for people who feel mostly healthy and athletic. What about the rest of us? Yoga Therapy offers the support of thousands of years of yogic tradition combined with modern understanding of Western medicine. Using these tools in a healing, therapeutic manner can help with many physical, mental and emotional imbalances and help bring you closer to your best version of you. While yoga therapy can be used to work with and manage a myriad of conditions, at Unbound we specialize in the following:

  • Trauma and PTS
  • Combat veterans
  • Sleep disorders (Have trouble falling/staying asleep, feel tired during the day, wake up during the night, experience nightmares)
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and Depression



Q: Do I have to practice yoga to do yoga therapy?

A: No, it’s not necessary to have any background in a yoga practice to dive into yoga therapy. We will meet you where you are right now and introduce practices that are in line with your goals and comfort level.

Q: How often should I have a yoga therapy session?

A: As often as you’d like. We recommend checking in 1-2 weeks after your first session, then it’s up to you and your goals. It can be helpful to have a regularly scheduled session to continue forward momentum and to hold yourself accountable for your progress, though it’s not necessary for everyone.

Q: Is yoga therapy accessible to people of faith?

A: Yes, yoga therapy is a secular practice based in the traditions of yoga. We can certainly integrate your beliefs into our practices.

Q: Can I bring my child in for a session?

A: Yoga therapy can be very helpful for teenagers, though we ask for parents to help hold their children accountable for their at-home practice. We are happy to work with a teenager with a commitment from both teen and parent.